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Get treated to quality fertility proficiency anchored by a team of experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals. At Labryo Lab, you will receive personalized care from many of us from day one.

Our Philosophy

Is to create a straightforward path towards having a baby with as little stress on you as possible.

“Labryo is the place where we equally value the medicine, the lab, and the patient”

Molly Chu-Chen

Performance DRIVEN

We provide you with the best services at the highest standards.

We are fully committed to helping you start a family – which is why we have the ONLY fertility package that refunds based on the performance. 

  • Your egg becomes an embryo.
  • Your embryo reaches the blastocyst stage.
  • Your blastocyst has passed PGT-A testing.
  • Your blastocyst has successfully attached to the uterus.


Rather than paying per service, you pay for our performance, making us an accountability partner in your treatment. Because you deserve the best!

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Basic / effortless treatments


Timed intercourse

A timed intercourse cycle is a strategic way of optimizing your fertile window by using medication and guidance from a medical team to stimulate egg production by the ovaries, induce ovulation, and improve chances for natural conception.


Ovulation induction

Women with irregular menstrual cycles (oligo-ovulatory) or absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) are likely to have ovulatory dysfunction and can usually be treated with medications to induce ovulation.



Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an office procedure in which prepared sperm cells are placed directly into a woman's cervix or uterus to produce pregnancy, with or without ovarian stimulation to produce multiple oocytes.

Advanced/enhanced treatments


Stress free IVF

Stress free IVF is the treatment with more patient-friendly and less burdensome approaches. The whole process does not require any medication, it can minimize discomfort in the treatment.


Mild boost IVF

By adding oral fertility medication and low-dose FSH to the complete natural cycle, ovulation can be controlled, multiple follicles can be expected to develop, and the number of egg obtained are around 3-5 per cycle. 


Classic IVF

During ovarian stimulation, also known as ovulation induction, medications or “fertility drugs,” are used to stimulate multiple eggs to grow in the ovaries rather than the single egg that normally develops each cycle.

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